Tools for Crime Prevention and Analysis

Bayesian Surprise for Identifying Emerging Spatio-Temporal Trends

Link to an online interactive application that allows the user to upload spatio-temporal data and to identify hotspots for a future time-frame by utilising Bayesian Surprise.

Click Here for: Application, Data and Code.

Vehicle License Plate Obscurer

Selling your car online? Prevent your car plates from being used by criminals to disguise their movements before and after committing a crime! The VLPO allows you to upload images and returns the images with the license plates automatically obfuscated.


CollaBin’ (short for collaborating) is an open-source self-hosted PasteBin that enables the sharing and collaboration of code or text files. Features include automatic code syntax highlighting, optional expiry dates, and line commenting.

Download On Github¬†or Use CollaBin’ Here!

Lexis Nexis Scraper (Python Package)

A python package for the automated scraping of the Lexis Nexis web service (requires an Academic License). Automatically scrape from over 40,000 news vendors with a customisable search query and date range. Results can be saved into a MySQL database or Pandas dataframe.

Install via PIP or visit the GitHub page here.