Curriculum Vitae

Academic Qualifications

  • 2019 - Present MPhil/PhD

    University College London
    Department of Security and Crime Science

  • 2018 - 2019 MRes

    University College London
    Department of Security and Crime Science

Taught Modules:

  • Foundations in Security and Crime Science
  • Risk and Contingency Planning
  • Designing and Doing Research
  • Quantitative methods
  • Spatial-Temporal Data Analysis and Data Mining
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Statistical Natural Language Processing (Audited)

Dissertation Title: Identifying Weak Signals of Future Change: Detecting and Analysing Trends in Modus Operandi Through Topic Modelling


  • 2017 - 2018 MSc Data Science

    City, University of London

Taught Modules:

  • Advanced Databases
  • Big Data
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Computing
  • Principles of Data Science
  • Research Methods and Professional Issues
  • Visual Analytics


Dissertation Title: Bayesian Surprise for Identifying Emerging Spatio-Temporal Trends


  • 2014 - 2017 BSc Mathematics (Hons)

    Upper Second Class Honours (2:1)
    Kings' College London

Year 1 Modules:

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Linear Methods
  • Numbers and Functions
  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • Geometry I
  • Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  • Probability and Statistics I


Year 2 Modules:

  • Partial Differential Equations and Complex Variables
  • Analysis I
  • Linear Algebra
  • Geometry of Surfaces
  • Intermediate Dynamics
  • Groups and Symmetries
  • Probability and Statistics II
  • Discrete Mathematics


Year 3 Modules:

  • Linear Models and Regression Analysis
  • Mathematics Education and Communication
  • Mathematical Finance I: Discrete Time
  • Mathematical Finance II: Continuous Time
  • Numerical and Computational Methods
  • Theory of Complex Networks
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Cryptography and Information Security



Programming Languages







Tools and Technologies



Oracle Database

Secure Shell (SSH)

Industry Knowledge

Data Science

Machine Learning

Computer Vision


Numerical Analysis

Data Visualisation

Predictive Analytics

Apache Spark

Database Systems

Data Wrangling and Fusion

Natural Language Processing

Web Scraping

Web Development